An alternative to invasive lipo suction at a fraction of the cost…

Why chose our Lipo over invasive Lipo suction?

Shapers Lipo

  • Fast treatments (15 minutes per area)
  • Discreet
  • No recovery time
  • Affordable (On average £50 per session)

Regular Lipo Suction

  • 1-2 hours spent under anaesthetic
  • Intense pain at incision site
  • Visible scarring and regular dressing changes
  • A stay in hospital and time off work
  • Pricey (Averages between £2k – £6k)

You could drop dress sizes quickly and discreetly with Shapers Non Invasive Lipo*

Our innovative treatment uses ultrasonic pulses to break down hard to shift fat cells that cannot be removed with exercise and diet alone!

Our therapists are all trained to deliver the most relaxing and effective treatment hence our amazing results.

Use the ‘find my branch’ page to contact your nearest branch and book your FREE consultation.

During the consultation you will speak with a therapists about your expected results and will be given a thorough explanation of how the treatment works.

Some amazing results achieved across our Shapers Lipo Clinics:
Sarah (Orpington) Lost 39 inches in 18 treatments*
Julie Pelling (Sutton) Lost 7 inches in 8 treatments*

*Results may vary person to person