At Shapers we have always provided an optional booking system for workouts so you can have unlimited free personal attention if you wanted it. We have also limited the size of our classes so members never feel ‘lost’ or ‘hidden’. It is due to this and many other facts that we are the perfect gym if you want a safe, varied and enjoyable workout in today’s difficult times.

What are the measures we are taking to protect our members yet allow them to enjoy a fun workout?

  • Social distancing in place, there will be guidance on the floors and walls to help and remind everyone.
  • Equipment that can be used will be 2 meters apart or screens placed between them where this is not possible.
  • Anti Viral ‘fog’ long lasting released in the gym to provide added protection. 
  • Maximum gym capacity of 3 meters squared per person, this has been calculated for each room’s capacity too.
  • Convenient cleaning stations will be in place with disposable blue roll, hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray bottles.
  • Protective screens on the reception desk.
  • Temperatures taken before appointments.
  • Rigorous cleaning procedures in place each day.
  • Class sizes will be smaller yet more frequent with a booking system in place to provide for previous free 1-2-1 sessions and class lovers.
  • The complimentary coffee lounge drinks will still be provided but for take away use
  • Dedicated hours for those that are ‘shielding’ where less members will be allowed in the building. This is for those members over 65 or that have health conditions that Covid-19 is shown to make high risk.