Easy exercises to help with lower back pain

Back pain is more common than you might think. And once you’ve had it, it is very hard to irradicate it all together. However, you can lose the daily pain with supervised strengthening exercises and the Shapers circuit’s back supports are perfect to help.

Gentle exercises that build up over time will allow the muscles to support the skeleton more and alleviate painful pressure points. They also increase the blood flow to the area, aiding in it’s repair. Below are three of my favourites exercises that are a good starting point. If you suffer from back ache or pain then please talk to an Instructor today who can help focus your personal programme on supporting your back. The other point I would add is please don’t forget to use the stretch machine, it makes a massive difference!

  1. Lower trunk rotation

Shapers Top tip: Activate your abdominals and keep both of your shoulders on the ground.

How to do it:

Lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor

Place your arms straight out to your sides.

Lower your knees to one side, keeping your feet on the floor

Return to centre

Repeat on the other side.

To increase the difficulty level, you can take the feet off the floor and keep your knees at right angles.

2. Contraction holding

Shapers Top Tip – You should feel your muscles contract under your fingers, or they will be squashed if under you depending on the position you chose. This exercise is great for changing the shape of your abs as well as alleviating back pain.

How to do it: 

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet resting on the floor. 

Rest your fingers on your stomach, just above your hip bones. Or underneath the arch of your back if you prefer.

Tighten your abs, pulling your navel up and in toward your spine.

Hold this position for a full 8 seconds, then relax and repeat.

  • Dorsal raise

Shapers Top Tip – Always look at the floor to protect the neck. The muscles that run along either side of the spine are the back extensors and we need these to maintain good posture.

How to do it:

Lie face down on the ground and stretch both arms out in front of the body, or touch your temples, keeping the legs stretched out and flat on the ground.

Raise both the hands and feet, aiming to create a gap of about 4 inches between them and the floor.

Try to pull in the abs, lifting it off the floor to engage the core muscles.

Keep the head straight and look at the floor to protect the neck.

Stretch the hands and feet outward as far as possible.

Hold the position and then repeat.

I hope that these exercises help and look forward to seeing you in the gyms.

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