First and foremost good results come from good Instructor motivation and intelligent exercise plans that you enjoy. This is why we go into so much detail with you on your Guest Visit and Induction.

What we offer: on all equipment, Shapers will tailor make you a personal programme based on your current health and goals, record it, and show you how to use it properly – as many times as you wish… for free.

What We Offer

Weight Loss Circuit

Smooth, state of the art and driven by air. We ship this technologically advanced equipment into the UK to give you the best weight loss or toning experience. There are no rusting weights or complicated pulley systems. They are easy on your muscles and joints whilst burning many more calories than traditional gym equipment and in half the time.

Cardio Suite

For your inner health goals. With the risk of heart disease related illnesses on the rise there is always the option to lower your risk with our cardio area.


A fun and social way to exercise. We have a wide variety of classes through out each week. Shapers classes are purposely small and run frequently through out the day so that every member can enjoy them properly and not feel embarrassed or ‘lost at the back’.

Slimming Clubs & Nutritional Advice

The other side of reaching your goals shouldn’t be over looked. And at Shapers it is great that it is all under one roof. Not only so you don’t have to pay additionally for it but also as its been proven to get better results when your Instructor knows the whole picture.

Tracked Results

Our team will regularly measure and record your figure’s changes (at least every 8 weeks) including your BMI, Body Fat % and 15 point measurement plan. If you are on a weight loss programme we track this goal once a week with you. This way you know not just that the gym is working, but by how much and exactly where on your body. The results are motivational and informative. Your body will be changing so so should your personal programme.