At Shapers we want you to feel amazing and confident inside and out. Hence we have designed and deliver amazing treatments to aid your figure shaping. 

All Shapers Treatments are performed by trained clinicians in our discreet locations within our gyms. Call to book your free consultation today! Trial treatments are available, please call your nearest branch for details.

Our most popular Shapers Treatments include our proven non-invasive lipo and our exciting skin rejuvenating BodySpa. Our treatments are recognized alternatives to the expensive and intrusive surgical options.

In addition Shapers have had exclusively designed inch-loss wraps that can help lose up to 2 inches per targeted area per wrap in the comfort of your home.

Shapers Lipo

With no pain or down time, using our specialist cavitation machines you can lose stubborn inches the easy way! The most popular body areas are lower abs, thighs or triceps. This discreet treatment breaks down stubborn fat layers under the skin so you can balance out your body shape.

Sarah at Orpington branch Lost 39 inches in just 18 treatments & Julie P at Sutton branch Lost 7 inches in just 8 treatments.


Shapers Skin smoothing Body-Spa 

There are two main concerns when clients come to us for figure shaping. One is losing unwanted inches and the other is tightening of the skin afterwards. Our body-spa treatments push nutrients into the skin and help to breakdown cellulite.

We find that women love the treatment as it helps with scaring, including stretch marks and gives all skin types a youthful smooth appearance.